Web website design and development

Mobile APP design and development

Intelligent hardware design, development and production

Management information system development

SMAERD provides you with full-process services for Internet product design and development. It can help you build a complete product from concept, and can also provide customized service packages of planning, design, development, and maintenance according to your needs.

How do we maintain price competitiveness while providing excellent customized products?

Excellent design capabilities of senior Japanese designers + standardized and experienced overseas IT outsourcing + integration of resources from China’s mature hardware manufacturers

  • Customized Design

Don’t like cookie-cutter website templates? Communicate directly with SMAERD's creative product managers and designer team in Tokyo, Japan to obtain professional planning solutions and personalized designs.

  • Standardized Development

Inefficient, expensive, and uncontrollable software development nightmare? SMAERD has its own experienced overseas IT outsourcing team, which not only ensures development quality and efficiency, but also controls development costs for customers.

One-stop Solution

SMAERD's one-stop solution for intelligent hardware includes full-process services from software and hardware design and development to product production, helping you quickly build a hardware product line and greatly reducing costs and time.


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